Social Justice Symposium 2016: Things Are Heating Up

Shannon Bryan
Family and Child Health-Maternal & Child Health 

Last Friday night the College of Public Health’s Social Justice Symposium kicked off the countdown to the 10th Annual event with a sold out screening of This Changes Everything at Tucson’s Loft Theater.  This year’s Social Justice Symposium theme is “Social Justice, Climate Change, and Health.”

While strategically placing rocks on pamphlets and sign-in sheets community groups such as Sustainable Tucson discussed local climate and environmental issues with movie goers.   At the same time, blue t-shirt clad representatives of the Symposium Planning Committee sought to advertise the Social Justice Symposium being held at The University of Arizona on Friday April 13th.  The U of A and Tucson community showed strong support for the group. Tickets were sold out, some community members were turned away, and planning committee members gave up their tickets and seats to accommodate as many guests as possible!

SJS Documentary

During the showing of This Changes Everything you would periodically hear the gasps, sighs, and “tisk-tisks” of disapproval as the film demonstrated how global warming and increasing extraction of fossil fuels is negatively impacting people across the world.  The film was followed by a brief intermission at the conclusion of which only a fraction of the audience found its way back.  A brief and somewhat mellow panel discussion began with experts from the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, the U of A Institute of the Environment, The University of Arizona.

Elizabeth SJS

This week all of the planning will culminate with the 10th Annual Social Justice Symposium “No One is Immune: Social Justice, Climate Change, and Health.”  What seemed like a far off day is very rapidly approaching.  The planning committee is busily putting the final touches on program (in an effort to support the theme these are being provided in an electronic format), volunteer registration, and promotion.  Anyone and everyone in the Tucson area is being encouraged to register and attend!

The Social Justice Symposium is a day-long event to engage faculty, students, community members, and health professionals in dialogue to raise awareness and foster social change. The Symposium is run entirely by students at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert García
Title: No One is Immune: Social Justice, Climate, and Health
Date: Friday April 15th, 2016
Time: 8:00 am-2:30 pm
Location: Duval Auditorium, Banner UMC

Breakout speakers at UA Zuckerman College of Public Health 1295 N Martin Ave., Drachman Hall, Tucson, AZ 85724

Admission is free and open to the public

Learn more here:

or here:

or by emailing the fine folks shown below at

You can also download and browse through our program here:



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